Watch Servicing

Watch Servicing Maintains Your Watch Health

It is very important to service your mechanical watch whether it is an automatic movement or manual one. Watch service should be done every 2 – 5 years depending on the make and model of your watch. 

The watch service is performed to check movement parts against any wear and tear, replace the parts that are affected by it and to apply specific lubricants to ensure longevity of your watch movement, prevent from future wear and tear and to ensure the accurate time keeping.

During the watch service, we disassemble your watch completely into individual parts, check them against any wear and tear, clean them in special solutions. Once this is done together with replacing any faulty parts, the watch movement is ready for being assembled by specialists in our workshop.

As soon as the watch is put back together, we test it for 24-48 hours to make sure it shows accurate time and make any necessary adjustment. This procedure is very important to ensure high quality of our service and to minimise any mistakes, so you can enjoy wearing your watch for another few years before the next service is due. 

Different watch movements require different procedures during watch service. Therefore it is important you service your watch in the right place. At The Clock Gallery, we have been servicing watches including: Omega, Doxa, Rolex, Cartier , Panerai, Schaffhausen and others, applying manufacturer specific servicing procedures, types of oils for part movement lubrication and manufacturer specific adjustment procedures, so you can have peace of mind your watch is in safe hands.

Don’t hesitate and come over to our shop in Ealing with your watch that needs servicing or complete our contact form at http://www.clockgallerylondon/contact-us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.