Watch Restoration

Bringing Back the Elegance of Your Watch

Restoration is a highly skilled endeavour that straddles the line between art and science. While servicing a watch requires great skill, it's all about ensuring an item continues to function. Restoring a watch draws on different disciplines, requiring a horologist to appreciate the watch as a historical artefact, as well as a tool.

Appreciating the original style of a watch, as well as the implications of balancing aesthetic appreciation with functionality, takes a light touch and studied judgement. It's easy for the inexpert to sacrifice a watch's original personality for function, or to turn a working watch into little more than a decoration.

Our watch artisans know exactly how much work a watch can sustain before 'restoration' becomes 'replacement'. The area in which this judgement is most required is in handling the dial. This is the rarest, most valuable and most delicate part of a watch, and can only be restored through unerring skill and accuracy.

Dials are generally constructed out of different, interwoven materials, even before considering any numerals and batons they may feature. 

Our expert horologists can safely strip a damaged dial to its base components before hand painting and rebuilding it to match, as close as possible, its condition and style when first purchased.