Watch Repair

Your Timepiece High Quality Repair Service 

Do you have a watch that you used to wear, your favourite timepiece, that doesn’t work? Whether it is a designer brand watch such as: Omega, Doxa, Rolex, Cartier , Panerai, Schaffhausen or others we are able to repair it thanks to our highly skilled horologists. 

No matter what movement your watch has: quartz, electronic, mechanical, automatic, manual you can bring it to our shop in Ealing for high quality repair. We are able to repair watches that other shops couldn’t handle to repair.

We will look into your watch and give you an estimate for repair. When you accept it, you will have to leave your watch for a specified during estimation period of time (usually 2-7 days). During this time we repair your watch, clean your watch throughout and monitor it for a while to make sure it works properly before we hand your watch over to you. 

We love challenge and we love watches and by combining these two together with our skills and years of experience, you can be assured your watch is in safe hands and you can enjoy wearing it again. 

The types of watch repair we offer include: movement repair, movement part replacement, batteries replacement, time adjustments, crown replacement, watch strap adjustment, watch standard or Sapphire glass replacement, water resistant reseal.