Watch Glass Replacement

The "Mirror" for your Precious Timepiece

There are few things more irritating than discovering an abrasion or scratch on a glass surface. It's a niggling problem, marring any aesthetic enjoyment you might otherwise derive from your watch. At best it's a magnet for the eye, and at worst it might even be an obstacle to correctly reading the dial.

For minor scratches there's the option of fixing a watch's glass through a combination of proprietary diamond paste and careful buffing. This takes a steady hand and a lot of experience, but it's a sensible solution to light scratches that don't go far beyond the service.

For anything else, though, the only option is generally to remove and replace a watch's glass entirely. Many watch owners dread this process, since hiring a poor glass replacement service can produce less than satisfactory results. Even basic details, such as whether the glass was originally flat or domed, can fall by the wayside.

At The Clock Gallery we understand that the only satisfactory glass replacement is one no-one else can tell has taken place. We use diamond glass cutters to guarantee a perfect fit, and often use sapphire glass in replacements for its perfect transparency, low light distortion and high scratch resistance. If it doesn't come back to you better than ever, we don't consider our job done - in fact, you might just be glad you scratched it in the first place.