Watch Battery Replacement

Quality Battery Gives Your Watch Good Energy for Longer

Has your watch stopped working or showing accurate time? Perhaps it is time to change the battery in your time piece for a new one, if you watch have digital or quartz movement.

At The Clock Gallery in West London, Ealing, we have wide range of high quality batteries for various well known makes and models. The watch batteries that we have available are made to much higher specification and together with much stronger battery casing it helps prevent battery leaking and damage to your watch.

The watch battery replacement is usually done while you are waiting and it only takes few minutes. 

If your watch is water resistant we will remove the water prove seal with great care and attention before we start the watch battery replacement procedure. We will also inspect the water prove seal against any damages and if necessary we will replace it with a new one to ensure your watch keeps its water resistant feature.

The watch battery replacement service at The Clock Gallery includes not only the battery replacement but also inspecting the general health of your watch, water prove seal inspection, pressure testing and water resistance testing, so you have a piece of mind that your watch will serve its purpose for the next few years.