Clock Repair and Restoration

Your Timepiece High Quality Repair & Restoration

Our restoration and repair service covers vintage grandfather clocks. These distinguished, elegant items are a fantastic addition to the home, but often require a little tender loving care to operate at their best - especially when they've been passed down from household to household. No matter what the problem, we can help to fix your grandfather clock, making sure it's functional and looks good as new. We'll strip down any device to find the root of a problem, whether that means the delicate movements, cases and dials or the complex mechanisms and casework.

We're able to work with a huge range of grandfather clocks, offering repair and overhaul as well as sourcing and fitting replacement materials. Whether we're dismantling movements, resilvering dials or rewaxing casework, we guarantee a first-class service.

Not sure what needs doing? We offer a free advice service, whether you're about to buy a vintage grandfather clock or you got it years ago. We know these devices better than anyone else, meaning we can give firm estimates of the type, duration and cost of any work that needs to be carried out.

We specialise in grandfather clocks, especially antiques. While we're sure to appreciate the monetary value of everything we handle, we also appreciate that these clocks can inspire a huge amount of emotional investment. Whatever you bring us we'll treat with the care, discipline and expertise of an antique, and we'll outline your options in a friendly, straightforward and comprehensive manner. If you have a grandfather clock that you value, please get in touch for a free consultation on how we can restore it to its best self.